Labour Party derided over Passover tweet fail — RT UK News

Amid an ongoing anti-Semitism row that has plagued the party for months, Labour’s well-intentioned (now-deleted) Passover tweet contained a galling error that did not escape eagle-eyed Twitter users.

“As Jewish people prepare for Passover, we’re wishing everyone in the Jewish community chag sameach. #Passover,” Labour tweeted. Harmless enough, right? Sadly, one critical detail in the accompanying image in the tweet is what did the damage.

The image contained a loaf of bread alongside a Star of David and a cup. The entire festival of passover is specifically entered around not eating bread, however, as legions of irate commenters tweeted at the Labour Party.

Labour has been dogged by accusations that is has acted too slowly in investigating claims of anti-Semitism in its ranks.

In February, a group of Labour MP’s announced they were quitting the party over both its handling of Brexit and what they saw as an “institutionally anti-Semitic” leadership.

It became such a toxic issue for the party that it even led to veteran Labour MP Margaret Hodge allegedly calling Corbyn an “anti-Semite” in the House of Commons.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.