Labour leader calls for end to UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has denounced the use of UK-made weapons in Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen, calling on the government to block further arm sales to the kingdom.

In an interview with Al Jazeera on Saturday, Corbyn said his opposition party had previously called on the government to suspend its arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and would continue to do so in the next. 

“We have constantly condemned the use of these weapons by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and called for the suspension of the arms sales to Saudi Arabia to show that we are wanting a peace process in Yemen, not an invasion by Saudi Arabia,” he told the news network..

“And arms sales policy has to reflect that we do not believe those countries that commit abuses of human rights or kill civilians with the use of those weapons should continue to receive British arms,” he added.

Corbyn said his fellow lawmakers “have already put that resolution to parliament in…

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