Kidnapper Trump as Symptom

Photo by Jonathan McIntosh | CC BY 2.0

Moral Atrocity, Bad Optics

The malevolent  brute Donald Trump darkened his ugly blot on history by ordering thousands of migrant children (2300 is the commonly cited number), including infants and toddlers, to be traumatically separated from their Central American parents at the southern U.S. border.

The Orange Obscenity deserves no moral credit for belatedly realizing last Wednesday that the bad politic optics of his child-snatching policy required him to seem to benevolently reverse course by issuing an Executive Order calling off the separations and announcing that border authorities would start “Detaining Families Together” (how’s that for a catchy slogan?). A quick memo to his Christian Fascist Attorney General, the Alabama racist Jeff Sessions(who had justified the separations by quoting a Biblical passage once commonly used by southern planters to “justify” U.S. slavery), would have sufficed.

Trump has betrayed no remorse for the horrific policy he claimed to end. He offered no federal plan for re-uniting the asylum-seeking families that were torn-up at the border by his and Sessions’ “zero tolerance” policy. The families already ripped apart will not be “grandfathered” into the new executive order, federal spokespersons said after Trump issued his order (though that too seems likely to change somewhat under extreme political pressure, however). Many of the youths havebeen sent to distant sites far from…

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