Khan joins Cameron in supporting EU Remain vote

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has joined UK Prime Minister David Cameron in opposing the so-called Brexit option, in the run-up to the crucial June 23 referendum that will decide the country’s future in the European Union (EU).

The pair is expected to jointly launch a battle bus dubbed “Britain Stronger in Europe” at a Remain rally later.

Khan defended his decision in an interview with ITV on Sunday, saying that teaming up with Cameron would benefit London.

“Is it in London’s interest for me to hold grudges? Is it in London’s interests for the mayor of London to be at permanent war with the Conservative prime minister?” he asked.

The move comes after Khan, London’s first ever Muslim mayor, was accused by Cameron in the mayoral race of having a “poor judgment” and being linked with terror “sympathizers,” which he firmly rejected.

“We’re never going to be best friends, but what is important is that the mayor of London argues the case for…

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