Kabul River and Standing Rock Sioux

by Dr. Hakim / September 20th, 2016

Government officials and business people today routinely negotiate: “We’d like to extract the oil.” Or gas, or such and such a mineral.  Water? “Oh don’t worry, we’ll see to that too….”

But they’re not angels, and their bottom line is profit, so Nature and human beings have a problem having enough to drink, and to survive, not just along Kabul River, but also along the Missouri and Mississippi of the Standing Rock Sioux.

They craft the ‘legal’ rules of the industry, and embellish their plans with ‘democracy, or development, or rights’.

They enjoy impunity, unless, together, we speak up, and ‘vandalize’ the ‘norms’, beginning with the habits of our minds.

01-our-27-metre-deep-well-dried-upOur 27-meter-deep well dried up recently

With the groundwater level across the world dropping, we had expected the well of our rented house in Kabul to dry up. Yet, or despite this, or worse, because of this, government-corporations are ever ready to wage well-funded wars, and to extract from the earth’s bosoms to feed their machines. Their bank accounts and cars are more important than babies and rivers.

02-heaving-pilingThe machines

The elite invest our tax money in reaching new depths of weapons and technologies, rather than in addressing root causes. The scandal is that they probably understand: installing CCTVs, blimps and nuclear power apparatchik cannot heal hunger, anger, or death. They even approve their ‘civ-mil’ plans in Parliaments and…

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