Justin Trudeau Approval Rating Now Below President Trump as Right Wing Parties Surge in Canada

The popularity of Canadian Liberal Party Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on a steady decline as his approval ratings have fallen below U.S. President Trump in polls as right-wing parties surge across the country.

Data from polling firm Angus Reid shows that 56 per cent of Canadians now disapprove of Prime Minister Trudeau while only 40 per cent approve, while polling firm Rassmussen shows U.S. President Donald Trump with a 47 per cent approval rating.

The polling figures for the Canadian Prime Minister is a stark contrast to only a year ago when 54 per cent of Canadians approved of the actions taken by his Liberal government.

The Angus poll also shows a surge in support for the Canadian Conservative Party (CPC) and its leader Andrew Scheer who was elected to the role last year. The pollsters predict that if an election were held today, the federal Conservatives would be on course to win a majority.

Many factors have likely led to the falling approval rating for Mr. Trudeau, including a recent disastrous trip to India, which was described by critics as a family vacation, where Indian Prime Minister Modi refused to meet Trudeau at the airport and convicted Khalistan separatist terrorist Jaspal Atwal was invited to a dinner.

While the Canadian federal elections are not until 2019, two major…

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