Just Say Yes to Conscious Awareness

Since its inception the war on drugs has psycho-actively altered the global perception of drugs and even the definition of what drugs are. The mental fog over American minds was induced via decades of freebasing anti-drug government propaganda, however people seem to be awakening from the haze of misinformation. Still, there remains plenty of misconceptions around fugitive substances like MDMA, marijuana, and psychedelics. Many of these drugs are showing immense psychological benefits in studies (when they are allowed) and throngs of people willing to cite the good these substances can do with almost none of the side effects of many drugs offered by Big Pharma.

Of course, the voices of millions won’t be heard on this matter because the government isn’t interested. They are only interested in more shame and punishment for people not obeying their profit motivated rules.

For anyone that’s been paying attention, the US government is not exactly on the side of the people it claims to represent. In fact, it would seem the US is preying on its people when it serves the whims of elites, and dare I suggest our beloved USA is not so much a government by the people, but rather the same classic rule by force empire that has dominated the western world for several millennia, and now the domination has spread to the entire planet via neoliberal doctrine, hence in part why most of the world has adopted our drug policies.

Or are we to still believe in the narrative that…

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