Jerry Meldon’s Passion for History

Jerry Meldon, a Tufts University professor who was one of our first writers at Consortiumnews and a great friend, drowned while swimming in a lake in North Carolina on July 18. He was 69.

Though an associate professor of chemical engineering, Jerry had a  passion for history, especially the dark corners of the Cold War. He wrote frequently about the ugly trade-offs that the U.S. government and the West in general made during those decades.

Jerry Meldon

His stories for us included:

How Wall St. Bailed Out the Nazis June 6, 2013

The CIA’s Ghosts of Tegucigalpa July 14, 2009

Dr. Hamilton and Mr. Hyde March 27, 2008

Why US Shields Japan’s WWII Denials February 24, 2007

The Bush Family’s Favorite Terrorist April 25, 2005

A CIA Officer’s Calamitous Choices May 15, 2003

Behind the Elian Case March 30, 2000

Our Man in Morocco September 17, 1999

Testing Democracy: Elections in Algeria and Turkey April 13, 1999

Kohl’s Defeat & Hitler’s Ghost October 25, 1998

Contra-Crack Guide: Reading Between the Lines 1998

Indonesia: Five More Years of Living Dangerously 1997

Long U.S. Dance with Mobutu Ends 1997

CIA & Cocaine: Agency Assets Cross the Line 1997

Below is Jerry’s article from 2013, “How Wall St. Bailed Out the Nazis”:

By Jerry Meldon

Near the end of World War II, the secret collaboration between U.S. spymaster Allen Dulles and Nazi SS officers enabled many German war criminals to escape prosecution and positioned them to fan the flames of post-war tensions between the former allies, the United States and the Soviet Union.

Former CIA Director Allen Dulles.

In that way, the Old Nazis — aided by Dulles and other ex-Wall Street lawyers — prevented a thorough denazification of Germany and put the Third Reich’s stamp on decades of atrocities during the long Cold War, spreading their brutal death-squad techniques to faraway places, especially Latin America.

Though the World War II generation has largely passed from the scene and the Cold War ended more than two decades ago, the consequences of Dulles’s actions in those final days of World War II are still reverberating in Germany.

One of the after-shocks was felt in a Munich courtroom…

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