Jeff Sessions announces Trump's official rescinding of DACA

US President Donald Trump has cancelled a program designed to protect from deportation immigrants who were brought to the country as children amid a huge outcry against the move.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program allowed almost 800,000 young men and women, often called “dreamers”, who had entered the country as illegal immigrants, to stay in the US.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Tuesday that the DACA program had ended.

Trump’s administration said the move was necessary to show respect for the country’s immigration laws, and said nobody covered by the program would be affected before March 5.

“I do not favor punishing children … for the actions of their parents. But … we are a nation of laws,” Trump said.

Trump ordered a phased-out dismantling of DACA that gives a gridlocked Congress six months to decide the fate of these immigrants.

Democrats and civil rights activists have blasted Trump’s…

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