It’s Christmas, So #Resist Trump with Cards, Gifts

December 21, 2017

Tree decorated? Check. Eggnog all fresh? Check. Cookies awaiting Santa? Check. Now all you have to do is resist Trump.

Ho, ho, ho.

That’s the attitude of The Establishment which delivered two separate anti-Trump Christmas stories this week. Because the alt-left proves how insane it is only on days ending in “Y.”

Both stories use the “resist” theme. The first is “In Troubling Times, Holiday Cards Send A Message Of Resistance.” Just what you want, bitter, angry, “We lost, so screw you” cards celebrating the birth of our savior. Then there’s, “Your 2017 Feminist Killjoy Gift Guide!” with “21 gleeful gift ideas to help you resist, babies. Resist.” (President Donald Trump is shown lighting the national Christmas tree, unresisted.)

Can you imagine going through life as this much of a Scrooge?

Picture sending someone a Christmas (oops, that’s probably patriarchal), I mean a “holiday” card that says in cute script: “All I want this year is Trump Impeached.” It’s all encircled by a nifty, clip-art drawing of a Christmas wreath.

Here’s the theme: “Those who spend their days in collective struggle for equality see the holidays as a time to send cards with a social-justice bent.” Wanna bet they send one to their psychiatrist?

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

This is an actual quote that would send most English teachers into retirement: “But as the cold of fall set in, and it was time to make holiday cards the following year, I wasn’t able to reconcile the dissonance between how I was spending my days — worrying about and protesting the murders of Black people by police — and a blissfully joyous holiday card floating through the mail from our white, genderqueer, dyke family to our predominantly white, predominantly straight, extended family.”

Microsoft tells me that’s 66 words all in one sentence. I…

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