It Has Begun! The Best Trump V. CNN Memes

Internet piles on CNN for going after meme-maker

July 5, 2017

Cable network CNN identified the man allegedly responsible for creating a meme depicting US President Donald Trump body-slamming the network, an image the president shared on Twitter last week.

After the anonymous Reddit user, “HanAssholeSolo,” issued an apology, CNN graciously said it would not publicly expose the person’s identity if he agreed not to do it again – a move which many saw as blackmail.

[ad]“CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change,” the network ominously stated in an article updated Wednesday.

In light of CNN’s threat to dox the anonymous Redditor, #CNNBlackmail became a top trend and the Internet naturally responded in kind with more memes depicting CNN being pulverized by President Trump.

Here are a few…

This is MAGA!

CNN takes out the trash:

Trump Hulk Smash:

Wax on, wax off:


More wrestling memes:

The Price is Wrong,…

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