Israel Still Deporting Africans to Uganda, Reveals Amnesty International

Even though the Israeli plan to forcibly mass deport all African invaders in that country back to Africa—or to white countries—is on hold, the Jewish ethnostate continues to deport blacks to Uganda, regardless of their nationality, and these deportations are not truly “voluntary,” a new report from Amnesty International has revealed.

The report, titled “Forced And Unlawful Israel’s Deportation of Eritrean and Sudanese Asylum seekers to Uganda,” says that between 2015 and March 2018, Israel deported 1,700 Sudanese and Eritreans to Uganda.

“Upon arrival in Uganda, deportees find a shambolic reception, which leaves them without papers, without protection and without sustainable resources,” the report continues.

“This pushes many to continue their journeys to other African countries or to Europe.”

This report says that “Israel’s deportations to Uganda violate Israel’s obligations under international law. Israel’s deportation policy is a way to abdicate its responsibility towards the refugees and asylum-seekers under its jurisdiction and shift it to less wealthy countries with bigger refugee populations.”

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