Is this jab halal? Muslim mother must vaccinate kids despite pork gelatin fears, judge rules

A family court judge has ruled that four children must be vaccinated after their Muslim mother refused to consent to the immunizations over fears the vaccines contained pork gelatin.

Although the mother had now given her consent to the immunization of her children – two boys and two girls – the order was necessary as she was liable to change her mind, Judge Carol Atkinson ruled.

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“The mother has refused her consent on a number of different bases; that the vaccines contain pork gelatin is the most recent objection,” Atkinson said.

“Having been shown that her fears are unwarranted, she has agreed that the children can have the necessary vaccines.”

“I am nevertheless asked to make an order on the basis that she is likely to change her position and withdraw her consent, as has been the pattern in these proceedings and indeed in relation to this very issue.”

The court heard that the children’s parents, both in their twenties, had separated. The youngsters were living with their mother in London.

Atkinson concluded the mother had “a paranoid view of the world,” and that the children should live with their father.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.