Irrationalism Central to Outlook of Charter School Promoters

The Center for Education Reform (CER) may well be the most belligerent promoter of charter schools in the United States. Its main modus operandi rests on loud irrationalism and rendering everything upside down.

Irrationalism, the close cousin of voluntarism, pragmatism, and fideism, is all about distorting reality, perpetuating anticonsciousness, and blocking the new from arising. Irrationalism effectively crucifies science, facts, logic, coherence, objectivity, and laws governing thought, nature, and society. It warps the human senses, memory, and cognition, and assumes that only an individual’s blind purposeless will and “instincts” exist. In these and other ways, irrationalism obstructs the path of progress to society.

According to the CER’s long-standing disinformation program, public school teachers are always evil and utterly incapable of doing anything positive or productive. Public school teachers are essentially greedy self-interested parasites who have never cared about a young person or education in their lives. Even worse, public school teachers sometimes dare to affirm their rights. They are always the enemy. Only charter schools can supposedly engender dedicated effective teachers and provide students with what they need. Thus, the sooner we dispose of public school teachers and their unions, the better off America’s children will be, according to the CER. This is what “innovation” means for neoliberals.

Besides, all that really…

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