‘Insane’ Boris Johnson still wants to ‘give illegal immigrants amnesty after Brexit’

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has called for illegal immigrants to be granted amnesty after Brexit, according to reports.

Those who have evaded authorities for 10 years should be granted the right to work and live in the UK because it will benefit the economy, he allegedly said.

The idea of an amnesty, which Johnson reportedly raised during a meeting in Downing Street, has been labeled “insane” by one minister.

It’s an insane idea and would make ordinary Brits furious,” an anonymous minister told the Sun.

A lot of us round the table couldn’t believe Boris is still going on about this. Privately, Boris is still the most pro-immigration member of the Cabinet.

Johnson first raised the idea of an amnesty in 2008 and repeated it during his time as Mayor of London.

During the referendum campaign, when Johnson was a lead figure in the Leave camp, he described it as the “humane thing to do.”

Prime Minister Theresa May ruled out the idea of an amnesty during her time as home secretary, claiming it would “send the wrong message.”

We are not looking afresh at an amnesty for illegal migrants, and will not be,” a Home Office spokesman said.

A spokesman for Johnson said, “Boris reiterated what he has said publicly before about amnesties, including during the EU referendum campaign.

He feels he has a moral responsibility to raise it, as it is what he believes.

Any suggestion that there was strong disagreement expressed during the meeting is wrong.”

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.