In OtherWords: May 2, 2018

This graduation season, my colleague Chuck Collins has some advice for high school grads: Learn a trade! There are millions of high-paying jobs doing plumbing, HVAC work, and installing solar panels sitting empty right now — and they might be a much better deal than going $37,000 in debt for a traditional four-year degree.

Also this week, Ebony Slaughter-Williams and Olivia Alperstein take on Ben Carson’s proposal to triple the rent for poor American families who get housing assistance. It’s a proposal that will literally increase homelessness.

Ebony points out that the U.S. already has more than half a million people suffering homelessness on any given night — the size of a large city. And Olivia notes that the guy calling on poor families to pay more just spent $31,000 of taxpayer money on office furniture.

Conditions like that are part of the reason there’s a new Poor People’s Campaign rising to challenge poverty and the conditions that make it worse all over the country. This week, Njimie Dzurinko writes on what it means for her state of Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, Jill Richardson reflects on the toxic masculinity behind the “incel” ideology that motivated a mass murderer in Toronto. And Jim Hightower reports on how banks are claiming a legal right to cheat customers out of retirement savings.

Finally, Khalil Bendib thinks that James Comey did mobsters a disservice when he compared the president to one.


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  1. My Advice for High School Graduates: Learn a Trade / Chuck Collins
    While millions of students rack up college debt and gain no skills, millions of high-paying trade jobs sit empty.
  2. This Is the Wrong Time to Cut Back on Public Housing / Ebony Slaughter-Johnson
    More than half a million Americans are homeless — the size of a large city.
  3. Fighting Back in the War on the Poor / Nijimie Dzurinko
    In many ways, things are harder now than they were 50 years ago.
  4. How Elites Scam Americans Out of Housing / Olivia Alperstein
    The same guy who spent $31,000 of taxpayer money on office furniture wants to triple the rent America’s poorest people pay.
  5. Want to Attract Women? Try Not Hating Us. / Jill Richardson
    The Toronto attack sheds light on a hateful and disgusting view of women.
  6. Banks Defend Their Right to Be Dishonest / Jim Hightower
    Bankers are claiming they have a legal right to profit by cheating their own customers out of their retirement savings.
  7. An Insult to Mob Bosses / Khalil Bendib

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