In OtherWords: May 10, 2017

Donald Trump fired FBI director Jim Comey this week — that much, of course, is headline news everywhere. One more detail, though: He reportedly did so at the urging of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Many speculate that the administration wanted to cut off Comey’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. If that’s true, it’s not the only thing Sessions didn’t want investigated. He also recently declined to press charges against two Louisiana police officers who pinned an unarmed black man to the ground and shot him to death last year.

So who does Sessions actually want to prosecute? Well, there’s the woman faces up to a year in prison for laughing during his confirmation hearing, for starters. This week in OtherWords, Ebony Slaughter-Johnson argues that the Justice Department has become a bad joke.

Also this week, Sarah Anderson interviews a state lawmaker from Connecticut who’s introduced some innovative laws to curb CEO pay. Oscar Reyes outlines a way for the U.S. to get out of its “coal hole.” And Khalil Bendib imagines a new mascot for a party that both embraces the death penalty and wants to make health care less accessible.

Finally, Jill Richardson explains what climate change could mean for the world’s poor small farmer, while Jim Hightower reports on how Mexican farmers played the “corn card” on Trump.

Khalil Bendib/

  1. If Washington Won’t Rein in Corporate Greed, Your State Might / Sarah Anderson
    A business owner turned state legislator is working to rein in runaway pay at the top of the corporate ladder.
  2. Getting Out of Our Coal Hole / Oscar Reyes
    States that invest in renewables are reaping the rewards. Those that stick to coal are faltering.
  3. American Justice Now Feels Laughable / Ebony Slaughter-Johnson
    The Justice Department has revealed that it’s more willing to prosecute laughter than murder.
  4. The Coming Crisis for the World’s Farmers / Jill Richardson
    Any farmer can tell you it’s hard work. Now imagine climate change — and no safety net.
  5. How Mexican Farmers Got the Better of Trump / Jim Hightower
    Turns out corn farmers south of the border know more about trade than the U.S. president.
  6. All You Need Is Hate / Khalil Bendib

This piece was reprinted from Other Words by RINF Alternative News with permission.