In OtherWords: June 13, 2018

This week saw the historic, unlikely meeting of a U.S. president and a leader of North Korea  a moment that felt less likely than nuclear war only a few months ago.

In OtherWords, Lindsay Koshgarian says that if Trump is giving diplomacy a chance, his critics should, too  but adds that the president himself will have to take diplomacy a lot more seriously than he has to date.

Another unlikely turnaround from Trump? Criminal justice reform. Ebony Slaughter-Johnson looks this week at the president’s newfound interest in pardoning people unjustly behind bars. It’s a good thing, she says, but it’s no substitute at all for better policy.

Also this week, Mona Younis takes a global perspective and argues that Americans expect far too little of their leaders, compared to other countries. Josh Hoxie shows that the gap between the richest Americans and the rest is far bigger than most of us realize. And Jill Richardson argues that the real scandal going on at the EPA is its leader’s refusal to protect the environment.

Finally, Jim Hightower imagines a nightmare scenario in which Amazon takes over the Postal Service. And Khalil Bendib illustrates what he calls “Trumpatriotism.”


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  1. Trump’s Giving Diplomacy a Chance. His Critics Should, Too. / Lindsay Koshgarian
    But for the Korea talks to work, the administration will have to value diplomacy far more than it did on Iran.
  2. Other Countries Expect More of Their Leaders. We Should, Too. / Mona Younis
    We’re the wealthiest country on earth, but over 40 percent of us live in or near poverty.
  3. Pardons Aren’t Policy / Ebony Slaughter-Johnson
    The president’s offer to pardon people unjustly behind bars is a welcome one. But he could do so, so much more.
  4. Just How Rich are the Ultra Rich? / Josh Hoxie
    Some rich people fly first class to fancy hotels. Others fly private jets to private islands.
  5. Corruption Is Bad, But Sabotage Is Worse / Jill Richardson
    Both are bad, but Scott Pruitt’s abuse of our environment is far more dangerous than his abuse of taxpayer money.
  6. Is Trump Giving Amazon the Postal Service? / Jim Hightower
    Trump wanted to use the Postal Service to hit back at Amazon, but he may end up doing the opposite.
  7. Trumpatriotism / Khalil Bendib

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