In OtherWords: July 19, 2017

Thanks to unified Democratic opposition and a few defections from key Republican senators, the congressional effort to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is over for now.

But, Geoff Coventry writes this week, the GOP has “shown their cards.” In every configuration, their plans have entailed slashing taxes for the wealthy and health care for everyone else — all in pursuit of a mythical “free market” solution to health care.

In other news, Jessicah Pierre agrees with what a majority of GOP voters told pollsters recently: College can be a bad thing. But the real trouble isn’t education — it’s student debt.

Also this week, Keri Kennedy lays out the evidence that engagement with North Korea works, when we’ve shown the political will to do it. And Medea Benjamin reports on how architects of the Bush administration’s torture policies are resurfacing in Trumpworld.

Rounding out our package, Jill Richardson shares her experience of her first-ever pride parade, Jim Hightower castigates politicians for turning education into a corporate racket, and Khalil Bendib says you can’t believe your lying eyes about Trump and the Russians.

Khalil Bendib/

  1. There’s No ‘Free Market’ Solution to Health Care / Geoff Coventry
    A fully privatized system can never adequately provision the nation.
  2. Republicans are Right: Going to College Hurts / Jessicah Pierre
    Women owe two-thirds of the nation’s outstanding $1.3 trillion student loan debt.
  3. Engagement With North Korea Works / Kerri Kennedy
    With a little will, both sides can take small steps to ratchet down the pressure — and avoid a catastrophic war.
  4. The Torture-Friendly Trump Administration / Medea Benjamin
    Only stupid people say torture works — and one of them is sitting in the White House.
  5. What I Learned at Pride / Jill Richardson
    Pride parades are a celebration of long oppressed people loving and accepting who they are.
  6. Don’t Trust Business with Education / Jim Hightower
    Ggreasy politicians use education funds to enrich corporations — and themselves.
  7. What You See Is What You Get / Khalil Bendib

This piece was reprinted from Other Words by RINF Alternative News with permission.