‘I’m on a Secret Government Mission’

Francho Bradley and his common-law wife Adrianne Jennings were arrested in Boston on Saturday on weapons charges after authorities found a stash of rifles, grenades, and handguns in their hotel room. Bradley says he was on a secret mission for the government and says he owns a company that sells communications equipment to the military.

The cache of weapons was found on the day of the March For Our Lives protest. According to The Daily Mail, in Bradley’s room and car, police found five assault rifles, a shotgun, a revolver and a pistol. They also found hundreds of rounds of ammunition, scopes, bump stocks, walkie-talkies, helmets, and grenades.  “My suspicions grew that he may be surveilling the area. There was a major demonstration, March for Our Lives, in Boston that day,” Detective Patrick Connor

Police also found three parking tickets from Cambridge, a mile from the Boston Common where Saturday’s protest took place. Bradley received the tickets on the three consecutive days before Saturday’s mass protest.

When he was questioned, Bradley told authorities that he was on a secret government mission, but wouldn’t say what the mission was. He claimed he was sent to work on some kind of “virus.” Robert Normandin, who represented Bradley at arraignmentsaid his client is an Army veteran and that Enysma Engineering sells accessories such as communication devices to the military and other clients.

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