‘I will not vote’ for as leader

American Mirror
May 24, 2018

A Wisconsin Democrat became the latest to disavow House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi when he promised not to vote for the 78-year-old career politician from San Francisco if Democrats take control of the lower chamber.

Democrat Dan Kohl, who is challenging Republican incumbent Glenn Grothman for Wisconsin’s 6thcongressional district, recently told WITI he’d vote for new leadership if he’s elected along with enough fellow Democrats to run the House.

“If I’m elected to Congress I will not vote for Nancy Pelosi for leader of the Democrats,” Kohl said.

He didn’t want to discuss who he might be a better leader.

“When I get to Washington, I’ll see what my choices are,” Khol said, “but I do think we need change coming on the Democratic side.”

Khol’s certainly not the first Democrat to denounce the former Speaker of the House. It’s a strategy that worked well for Conor Lamb, who made similar comments about Pelosi to win a tight special election for Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district.

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“My opponent wants you to believe that the biggest issue in this campaign is Nancy Pelosi. It’s all a big lie,” the 33-year-old said in a television ad. “I’ve already said it on the front page of the newspaper that I don’t support Nancy Pelosi.”

Republicans have run ads in many districts to point out the similarities between Democrat candidates and Pelosi’s San Francisco values, mostly because fewer than one in four Americans like her.

A Bay Area NBC affiliate recently highlighted Pelosi’s intentions to run for Speaker of the House if Democrats take control, but also pointed out that “this may not be good news for Democrats.”

“We might like Nancy Pelosi in the Bay Area, but America doesn’t,” the reporter said. “Things that are more popular than Nancy Pelosi, according to an NBC/Wall Street…

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