‘Hyper-partisanship’ leading US to 2nd shutdown? Ex-senators join Larry King to talk budget & border — RT USA News

Former US senators Robert Torricelli and David Jolly joined Larry King in discussing how hardball partisanship on Capitol Hill, rather than actual border security qualms, brought the US to the brink of a second shutdown.

While Democrats maintain that their refusal to sign off on the Trump administration’s budget proposal has been motivated by their opposition to funding an “immoral” border wall, Torricelli and Jolly both argue that heated rivalry between the two parties is the true culprit. Has Pelosi’s “no wall, not one dollar” position “put her party in a corner?”

Jolly pointed out that the likelihood of either side agreeing to a funding package on time is “very slim,” leaving President Donald Trump with no choice but to declare a national emergency. With the country still reeling from the recent $11 billion, 35-day shutdown and constituents on both sides concerned about border security, the senators suggest that “hyper-partisan politics” in Washington may be winning out over the country’s best interests.

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.