Human Rights Watch condemns US anti-immigration bill

A prominent human rights group has criticized the Donald Trump administration for an immigration bill that would essentially criminalize the presence of millions of unauthorized immigrants in the US.

“This bill offers no new ideas to address a broken immigration system, but instead revives a parade of unworkable and unjust ideas that have been rejected before,” Grace Meng, senior US researcher at Human Rights Watch (HRW),  on Friday.

“This bill would heap new layers of wasteful misery on immigrants as well as their US families and communities, under an administration whose harmful immigration policies have already gone to extremes,” Meng added.

The Davis-Oliver Act, sponsored by Representative Raul Labrador of Idaho, is being considered on Friday in the House Judiciary Committee.

The legislation would substantially increase the capabilities of federal and local immigration enforcement, including empowering state and local law enforcement to…

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