How To Survive Falling Through the Ice

Every year, people die from falling through ice they thought was safe to cross. In near-frozen water, you have exactly 10 minutes to get out of the icy waters before your muscles become too cold to function. As well, your heart rate and blood pressure increases, so the chance of cardiac arrest and sudden death could occur. Know these preventative measures and how to survive if you find yourself in this type of emergency.

For any of you who have ever read Jack London’s “To Build a Fire,” the possibility of breaking through the ice and either drowning or dying from subsequent exposure to the elements does exist.  In most situations that can turn deadly, the way to avoid them is through diligence and proper preparation.  Water crossings in the winter are no different.  Let’s jump into it…figuratively speaking!

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Know Before You Go

Firstly, never trust the water to be frozen completely.  If you follow this, you may say, then how can you ever cross the ice?  Well, just take into consideration there are many variables that influence ice thickness of rivers or lakes, and it’s always better to assume that there may be a problem…in this way, it doesn’t catch you unaware.

Take a look at your surroundings before starting to walk on the lake. Is there open water nearby or slush? These are indications of bad ice. Check the ice by cutting or drilling a hole in the ice to check for thickness.

How to Stay Safe

If you’re crossing a river, then you should have a rope that will reach to the other side at your crossing location.  This is for several reasons.  Firs, when crossing, you can use the rope as a lifeline if you wish. …

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