How To Determine Your Value in Life

What you will learn here is a college course in one read.  Forward it to young job seekers and family members struggling to find themselves in the job world.  The lessons learned herein, especially if you are a young woman or man entering the labor force, will be for a lifetime.  I’ve not read any of the advice I offer here to young job and career seekers elsewhere.  Most likely many young Americans are perplexed what to do with their lives.   Don’t read this too fast.  It contains important lessons most Americans will never hear, let alone apply.   Your teachers and even your parents have let you down because they never learned these lessons either.

Creating value

Often our children grow up thinking they will try to get a good paying job.  They may never really deal with the challenge of proving to themselves how much they are worth.  When real estate is offered for sale, determining the “highest and best worth” of the property is the appraiser’s job. The same is true for everyone in the workforce.

Some industrious young workers will take on two jobs, or work weekends.  That is a bulldog way of earning more money but never gaining much freedom.  Though working two jobs so the kids can have a stay-at-home mom is certainly worth it if one can avoid a burn out.

One thing good about working for yourself is there is no cap on your income.  In Seattle, which recently experienced the heaviest snowfall in 70 years, 18-year old David Holston offered his plow truck on Craig’s List to clear snow.   The calls kept coming in and he worked till midnight and earned $35,000 in just four days.  Holsten said he has a ten-year plan to expand his business and then sell it.   

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