How the Salvation Army Lives Off (and thrives with) a Special Brand of Poverty Pimping

Part-One: The Irrationality of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Salvation Army’s Faith-based ‘One Treatment Fits All’

So, we have a coalescing of white male repressions projecting outward by way of a latent Puritanical reflex, one that must keep someone in the stocks, with an insidious white nationalism out to create hierarchies within hierarchies regarding passports and citizenship —  in the interest of controlling surplus populations, and a neo left anti-communism made up of a structural Ayn Randian Capitalism, with equal parts Lyndon LaRouche, and Hannah Arendt by way of Noam Chomsky.

— John Steppling, “Communism, Fascism and Green Shaming

Gunning Down a Vet – Turkey Shoot 101

Watching a dozen SWAT members donned in full Robo cop gear from Clackamas County Sheriffs and Beaverton Police departments play with a drone, laughing the evening away while the Army veteran writhed in pain with their seven bullets inside him was one trauma moment (PTSD-inducing event) for me working as a social worker.

The day before, the veteran was in front of the homeless shelter where I had worked for almost a year – a transitional center run by the Salvation Army, which has come to be known by me and others around the world as the Starvation Army — walking the sidewalk with sign in hand: “The Salvation Army and Veterans Administration kill veterans.”

He had been exited (forcefully evicted) from the homeless shelter two weeks before, based on arbitrary and punitive…

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