How the FBI Tamed Muckraking Reporter Ned Day

Ned Day was groomed into the news business by anti-establishment legend Bob Brown and his North Las Vegas “Valley Times.” The Valley Times was legendary for breaking stories The Las Vegas Sun and the Review Journal wouldn’t touch, stories embarrassing to the local establishment, including the FBI.

Ned became a champ at digging out the dirty laundry — and so well-known for his exploits that someone blew up his car. So well-known that he was hired away from the Valley Times by the Review Journal in 1981.

It was clear that Ned had connections inside the FBI. AND inside the “mob.” He used them, they used him.

Mike Kent — of computer gang fame — was somewhat of a fan. He’d been remarking that Ned seemed to have lost his anti-establishment edge.

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Doc Ivan Mindlin was pimping Mike during those days, teaching him the social ropes. Doc was team doctor for the UNLV Rebels and so got some gonzo invites. As it turns out, Doc also had mob connections but that’s a different story.

Mike ran into Ned at an ACLU fundraiser. And, not yet being completely conditioned into proper etiquette, asked Ned straight out, ~”What’s up with that?” That being his kinder gentler handling of the FBI.

Apparently Mike caught Ned in the right frame of mind. The conversation, as Mike related it to me, went something like this – – –

“Well Mr. K, to make a long story short, I had a very good FBI inside source. I’d buy him lunch, sometimes dinner, and he’d talk. Sort of a cheap trick. At least that’s what I thought.”

“Like the wiley boar in the Black Forest hunter fable, I got lazy and dependent on his inside information,…

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