How Do We “Package” Peace? Can We Make It Palatable?

A review of Peace Plays by Johan Galtung, Vitahl Rajan, and S. P. Udayakumar

But where can wisdom be found?  And where is the place of understanding?”

— The Book of Job

… with the finding of the language the feelings begin to change again.

— Phyllis Rose

Part One

These are ideational works.  They are clever and literate, but rather unusual, and even the judicious reader might like a little “framing.” The authors, and/or publisher, seem aware of that need with this blurb on the book’s back cover:

“Peace studies are usually presented as essays, in social science, political or philosophical-ethical discourses.  This book is an experiment with drama as peace discourse, by authors versed in the other three.  Drama is multi-angle and dialogical; it can be argued that so is the road to peace.  The authors know something about peace, whether they can write drama is another matter.  But those who do usually know very little about peace.”

cover_pop3_playsI suspect that little disclosure was written by Johan Galtung, about whom I know a little from my recent discovery of the TMS website.  That site, edited by Antonio C. S. Rosa, is a compilation of some of the finest work—original postings and re-postings–appearing weekly on the worldwide Web, “in social science, political or philosophical-ethical discourses.”  It also presents works of art—poetry and art criticism. Works that are “multi-angle and dialogical.” The challenge at the website and in Peace…

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