Homeschooled Child in Norway Tackled by Police, Handed over to “Child Welfare Services”

A 12-year-old homeschooled boy chased down near his home in Norway and seized from his parents has been returned to his family.

Kai Kristiansen was chased by child welfare services investigators and police officers, tackled and held face-down in the snow, having been ordered into state custody because his family chose to homeschool.

Kai’s reunion with his family came under condition of an agreement with the Norwegian government, the details of which are yet to be determined, the family said.

“We are happy to announce that Kai is back in his home with his family,” they wrote on Facebook Wednesday. “We are thrilled to see him again. We could not have done this without International support from others and helped make this happen for us. We are eternally grateful!”

“Our lawyer advised us to only announce when Kai was home and not comment before,” they continued. “We had to consent to an agreement of which the terms are not complete until May 3rd! This is an exhausting process, but anything to get Kai home.”

Kai was tackled and apprehended outside his home February 9 by Barnevernet (Norway’s child welfare agency) and police officers, according to Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

Kai’s mother Terese can be heard screaming and pleading for help in the video she shot of the incident. The police and a Barnevernet investigator are seen on the video attempting to restrain the 12-year-old and take him into custody pursuant to an order from the…

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