Hide Your Guns in Plain Sight

By Jacki Billings

April 18, 2017

With an estimated 250,000 to 600,000 guns stolen per year in the U.S., gun storage has always been one of the basic tenants to firearm ownership. However, modern day gun owners don’t want to just store or protect their guns in any old box. Within the past few years a new trend in gun storage has emerged, providing quick access to weapons while offering more style than traditional gun safes.

Though there are a range of small, ma-and-pa shops serving up hidden compartment, home defense furniture, and decor, Tactical Walls’ products were among the first to go mainstream. Touting the ability to safely store guns and look good doing it, Tactical Walls created a series of products ranging from mirrors to gentrified shelves all with hidden compartments perfect for stashing firearms. Built on the premise of bringing guns out of the safe and into more readily accessible areas of the home, Tactical Walls says the goal is flexibility.

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“Put simply, our products are designed to give you a fighting chance,” its website boldly exclaims. “They allow you the flexibility to place the defensive tools necessary to protect your family wherever you feel they are most beneficial.”

The company continues to innovate on its platform, moving past keyed entry and into the realm of RFID technology.

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Chris Wood, Vice President of Tactical Walls, told Guns.com that the company’s products marry access with security into an attractive package.

“Anybody that has thought through both the possibility of a self-defense situation in the home and the responsibilities involved with firearms…

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