Hero Andrew Wakefield

“It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”  – Voltaire

“If you offend the powers that be; if you offend the public health establishments; if you offend the pharmaceutical industry and threaten their bottom line (as we did by calling into question the safety of MMR [and later all the other vaccines that contain brain-toxic, mitochondrial-toxic and blood-brain barrier-toxic ingredients like aluminum and mercury – ed note]) there is no price that you will not pay. You will be destroyed in order to protect their bottom line.” – Dr Andrew Wakefield

“Anything that implies that immunizations are not the greatest medical advance in the history of public health is ignored or ridiculed. Can you imagine the economic and political import of discovering that immunizations are killing (or maiming) thousands of babies?” — Dr William C. Douglass, MD (Honored twice as America’s ‘Doctor of the Year’)

“I was told by a network executive that during non-election years up to 70% of his news division’s revenues are from pharmaceutical corporation’s advertising. That executive told me that if one of his talk show hosts allowed me on the air, he would fire that host. Losing an advertiser is a major catastrophe for a network.” – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr (an outspoken critic of mercury-laced vaccines)

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“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” – Upton Sinclair, anti-fascist, anti-imperialist American author


“The Semmelweis Reflex (aka, the ‘Semmelweis Effect’): the reflex-like tendency to reject new evidence or new knowledge because it contradicts established norms, beliefs or…

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