Harmless fun or racist? Analysts clash on use of ISIS bride Shamima Begum as shooting target — RT UK News

The decision by a UK shooting range to use the image of ISIS bride Shamima Begum as a target has sparked heated debate over whether it is offensive to Muslims. Others argue the complaints actually do Muslim women a disservice.

Slamming such “harmless fun” was Raza Kazim of the Islamic Human Rights Commission. Speaking to RT, he said the target embodied a “racist environment” that was growing in the UK which was encouraging attacks on Muslim women.

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‘Light-hearted fun’: UK shooting range uses ISIS bride Shamima Begum image as target

Firing back, political commentator Andre Walker suggested Kazim should apologize to British Muslim women for suggesting the “terrorist” Begum was anything like them.

“She can take a hike, I don’t care about her and I don’t care about this idea that she ought to sit there and be so offended. Poor old me.”

Watch the full debate below.

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