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Sadly we can’t have all our TV show hosts be as great as Tucker Carlson.

Sean Hannity hosted Pat Buchanan on his radio show yesterday, and things got pretty heated. They discussed the geopolitics of Iran, Israel, and American foreign policy. Buchanan dismissed Israeli evidence of Irans program by bringing up the excellent counter that Americas foreign policy should rely solely on intelligence gathered from American intelligence services like the CIA and DIA.

Hannity debased himself pushing the typical Zionist warmongering propaganda while Buchanan held his ground insisting “I don’t want my country getting into another war” as well as reminding Hannity that Bibi has been “crying wolf for decades” about the middle-east.

Buchanan is completely right and absolutely nailed it.

Back in 2002 Netanyahu claimed there was “there is no question whatsoever” that Iraq was pursuing nuclear weapons and that removing Saddam would improve the region.

Listen to the segment with Buchanan. Transcript below.

PAT BUCHANAN: Bibi has been crying wolf for decades.

U.S. intelligence agencies in 2007, and again in 2011 said with high confidence that they have no evidence of a nuclear weapons program in Iran, subsequent to that, we had the deal.

Now, if Iran has a nuclear weapons program and is working on it in secret that would be an abject failure on the part of American intelligence…

SEAN HANNITY: Do you actually doubt that the Iranians are building a nuclear weapons program?

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PAT BUCHANAN: Look, the reason the Iranians signed the deal is because of the truth of what American intelligence said. Sean, they didn’t have a nuclear weapons program.

HANNITY: Pat, you’re not making sense…

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