Hands Off the Nuclear Button

Amidst the rising clamor in the US over groping and goosing, America’s Congress is beginning to fret about President Donald Trump’s shaky finger being on the nation’s nuclear button.

The air force officer that dutifully trails the president carries the electronic launch codes in a black satchel that could ignite a world war that would largely destroy our planet.  This is rather more serious than groping and pinching.

The inexperienced Trump has talked himself into a corner over North Korea.  He thought bombastic threats and a side deal with China could force the stubborn North Koreans to junk their nuclear weapons.  Anyone with knowledge of North Asia could have told him this plan would not work.

Trump threatened North Korea with ‘fire and fury’ – a clear allusion to the use of nuclear weapons.  The North Koreans mooned the tough-talking president and went ahead with their nuclear programs.  So Trump’s big bluff was called.  A huge embarrassment for the amateur president who evaded military service in the 1960’s.

On top of that, the wicked North Koreans referred to Trump as ‘old.’  He riposted that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was ‘short and fat.’  It is to this level of kindergarten invective that we have sunk – idiotic kids armed with nuclear weapons.

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Nuclear war is absolutely unthinkable.  Totally crazy. Yet serious discussion is underway in military and neocon war circles about a nuclear war against North Korea and, even crazier, against Iran and Russia.  Welcome home, Dr Strangelove.

Responsible people in government are increasingly worried that President Trump…

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