Had a Bad Experience at the Car Finance Office?

[Editor’s note: This article has been updated with new information and for comprehensiveness since its original posting date.]

Lots of people will be entering the finance office of a car dealership in the coming days, since we are here at the end of the month and year, also the busiest week of the year.  The finance office can be a scary place for many people, but there really is nothing to fear if you take your time and pay attention.

Many Buyers Like The Convenience Of Dealerships

More people are using dealerships to finance these days due to aggressive incentives and very low interest rates, and also the ease of getting everything done at one time. Dealerships like you to finance with them for the obvious reason of making a profit, but equally as important, it takes you out of the market. Dealerships can often save you money on a loan.

Most People Have Had a Bad Finance Experience

The finance department seems to be a source of irritation for many buyers, and people who have bought a lot of cars have likely had a bad finance experience.  Like every profession, there are good dealers and bad dealers. Many people are taken advantage of in the finance department of dealerships. Over the years, I have seen it all, high-pressure tactics to purchase extended warranties, credit life, and disability insurance, GAP insurance, etc. I have also witnessed downright fraud.

Buy Silver at Discounted Prices

The finance experience does not have to be a trying experience. This seems basic and simple, but it is critical that you understand you are signing a contract-a legal and binding document that obligates you to make monthly payments on a timely basis. READ WHAT YOU SIGN.

Signing Papers Is The Most Important Factor in Purchasing

People never…

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