Guess What Happened to Swedish School That Took the Most Migrants?

Truth Revolt
February 10, 2017

A school in Sweden that won an award for taking the most migrants has now been deemed a hellhole, according to Swedish reports

Winning the Värnhem School Peace Prize for accepting the most number of migrants, the Värnhem School in central Malmö has become a hotbed of criminal activity, replete with drug dealing and ethnic brawls. 

To cope with this, the school has now hired security guards and fortified with barbed wire. Unable to fully perform their functions, the teachers now spend their time worrying about traumatized students. 

​”In 2015, the school served a banquet for the king, but now it’s shut down regularly over fights that involve the entire student body,” reports Independent Sentinel. “Chaos and fights occur with the newly arrived students from the Middle East and Afghanistan.”

The various crimes reported to police include “theft of e-readers to physical abuse to stealing a guard’s stun gun.” Religious disagreements are also regularly commonplace.

Not to be outdone, however, by another school in the area that had students “playing an ISIS execution and a girl was put in a stranglehold.”

To get a solid picture of exactly what these “hellholes” look like, watch Ami Horowitz visit one in a recent video where he is attacked and beaten without a cop in sight. 

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