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It’s never been easier to buy a new car; the harder part is not paying too much for it. “Easy” financing obscures how much you’re really paying, by spreading out the paying. Bundling of desirable options with options you may not want – but are pushed into buying in order to get the options you want.

Those are two of the new pressures adding to your peril.

Plus the stand-by perils: Your old car got totaled in a wreck and you need something new, now. You’ve become emotionally attached.

Or your SO has.

Here are some strategies you can use to avoid those new car paid-too-much blues:

Rent it before you buy it –

It’s odd how little time we spend with major purchases before we commit to paying for them – for years to come. Cars are just one example. We walk around the lot, look at different colors, listen to the salesman talk about the features – and maybe take a brief test drive. Then we drive it home.

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A longer test drive – prior to purchase – would be a lot more helpful in terms of discovering whether the seats kill your back after a couple of hours behind the wheel. Or that the ride really is too firm (or soft). These are things you don’t usually grok until you’ve lived with a car for a while. As opposed to an hour or so.

So, rent the thing for a weekend.

While not all makes/models are available on the rental car circuit, many are – especially popular/mass-market models. Trucks and luxury cars are available, too – and it’s worth your time (and the small-in-context cost) to find where to rent them. Then go ahead and rent what you’re thinking about buying – and see how it suits. Without the pressure  – or the long-term consequences.

If you…

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