Gorbachev criticizes Obama’s ‘misguided policy’ toward Russia


Former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev has criticized outgoing US President Barack Obama’s “misguided policy” toward Russia.

In an extensive interview with The Associated Press on Monday, Gorbachev said during the Obama administration, Washington and its allies “have been badgering Russia with accusations and blaming it for everything.”

“And now, there is a backlash to that in Russia. Russia wants to have friendly ties with America, but it’s difficult to do that when Russia sees that it’s being cheated,” he stated.

The 85-year-old expressed optimism that ties between Russia and the United States would improve during Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s time in office.

“The relations between us are so important and concern everyone else, so we must take the interests of others into account,” said Gorbachev, who as the last leader of the Soviet Union oversaw an easing of decades of tensions with the United States.

US President…

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