‘Good Parents’ Who Kill Strangers

A troubling paradox in world leaders is their apparent love for their own children while showing callous disregard for the lives of children and other innocents at the receiving end of their bombs and bullets, as Philip A Farruggio observes.

By Philip A Farruggio

Adolf Hitler never had any children, but most historians reveal how much he apparently loved the little ones … IF they were of pure Aryan blood. He also loved, they say, his dog Blondi, appropriately being a German Shepherd.

High-ranking Nazis on trial at Nuremberg

Most, if not all, of the top Nazis in his regime were devoted family men. One wonders if Heinrich Himmler, after his trips to the concentration camps to view the half-starved, pajama-wearing inmates, and of course the gassing and incineration system he supervised, came home to his lovely daughter Gudrun, whom he affectionately called Puppi (Dolly).

Did his deputy Reinhardt Heydrich find time to play with his children — Heider, Silke and Marti — after he planned the operation of the “Final Solution” for Himmler? As to the man who kept the “Cattle Cars” rolling on schedule to and from the myriad of concentration camps, did Adolf Eichmann sit his young ones — Klaus, Horst and Dieter — on his knees and read them bedtime stories? The historians tell us that all of these men were devoted and caring fathers, and in Hitler’s case, was looked upon as “Uncle Adolf.”

We know from our American historians that Richard Nixon loved Trisha and Julie, his devoted daughters. Did he spend a quiet Christmas eve and Christmas day with them while his Operation Linebacker II (Dec. 18-29, 1972) sent the heaviest in decades B-52 bomber assault upon Hanoi? Did he exchange wonderful gifts with the girls while thousands of civilians were killed during the raids, the most since World War Two?

Fast forward to the 1980s and the “great” inspiration of fearless President Ronald Reagan. Behind his excuses and later with U.S. weapons and training, the ultra-right-wing Salvadoran death squads were murdering anyone, including priests (such as Archbishop Oscar Romero) and nuns who showed dissent. Yet, Ronnie had…

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