Good news: Microsoft hired more women. Bad news: They were scantily clad 'schoolgirls'


Microsoft faces the glare of women everywhere after addressing its gender hiring issues in the worst way possible by booking scantily clad “Irish Catholic schoolgirls” for its St Patrick’s Day party at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

The company, which on its website states the aim of “recognizing and encouraging technical women,” hired the dancers for an after-party attended by mostly male professionals from the gaming industry, which is also struggling with gender equity and misogyny problems.

Pictures and videos of the event, which had proceeded a “Women in Gaming Luncheon” organized by the tech giant, showed women wearing mini-skirts and crop tops dancing on podiums.

The women were also told to “speak with attendees and encourage them to the dance floor,” according to some who were present. This is apparently not a first for the company.

Some of those at the event took to social media to say they were “very disappointed,” while others said they would be lodging complaints with Microsoft.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, addressed the “unfortunate events” in a statement on the company’s website, stating that it “did not reflect the core values and beliefs of Xbox” and that it was “absolutely not consistent or aligned” with the company’s values.

Microsoft used underage actresses dressed as schoolgirls in their 2012 TV ad for the Surface.

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.

  • HillaryofArabia

    Racist, Catholic Hating Bill Gates and his NWo whore of a wife Melinda insult Irish Catholics and glorify pedophilia on what is supposed to be a Holy Day to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland.
    This is what Trump is up against–the systemic attack on decency by corporate oligarchs who happened to be in the right place at the right time with computers. Now we live under their tyranny of mediocrity
    Gates is a huge donor to Hillary, so this objectification of white girls will be celebrated by her and her scum supporters.

  • John_Smith001

    Not even close to the worst thing Microsoft or Bill Gates has ever done.

  • nicu78

    Maybe Billy boy Gates gets his rocks off.