Go Study the Maginot Line

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‘Good fences make good neighbors,’ wrote American poet Robert Frost.  But not according to President Donald Trump whose proposed Great Wall is supposed to protect the nation from hordes of rabid, murderous, drug crazed rapists and unwhites from south of the border.

I’m a life-long student of military architecture, with a particular passion for modern fortification, chief among which is France’s own Great Wall, the magnificent and unfairly reviled Maginot Line.

Given the heated debate in America over Trump’s proposed barrier along the Mexican border, it’s worth looking back to the Maginot Line.  It was supposed to have been France’s savior after the bloodbath of World War I.

Proposed by Deputy André Maginot in the 1920’s, the Line was supposed to cover key parts of France’s frontiers with German and Italy.  Due to the terrible losses of the Great War, France did not have enough soldiers to properly defend its long frontiers.  So it made sense to erect fortifications to compensate for manpower weakness and to block surprise attacks from next door enemy forces.

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The first large Maginot fort was built in the 1920’s north of Nice to protect the Cote d’Azur from possible Italian attacks.  Mussolini was demanding France return the Riviera coast to its former Italian rulers.  Work on the principal Line along the German and Luxemburg borders began soon after. Phase one covered 260 miles from near the Rhine to Longuyon, a rail junction south of the Belgian border.

The Line consisted of hundreds of steel and concrete machine gun and anti-tank casemates with interlocking flanking…

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