Gitmo prisoner talks of mental torture in US military jail

A Somali inmate at the notorious US military prison in Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay has spoken of mental torture there.

Hassan Guleed, an alleged al-Qaeda member since his 2004 capture, told a military judge Thursday that he experienced intentional noises and vibrations inside a high-security section of the prison known as Camp 7.

The sounds and vibrations as well as chemical odors, said Guleed, were “a kind or pressure” to make detainees cooperate with authorities.

The Somali prisoner contrasted the abuse with his previous experience of torture by the CIA at the US spy agency’s overseas prisons known as black sites, saying, “We have mental torture in the Camp 7. In the black site there was physical.”

Guleed said several other prisoners have also experienced the same sounds and vibrations, including Abu Zubaydah, a Palestinian who was the first prisoner to be subjected to brutal CIA interrogation techniques, AP reported.

Guleed, who has never been charged…

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