German parties reach agreement on grand coalition for war and austerity


German parties reach agreement on grand coalition for war and austerity

Johannes Stern

8 February 2018

Germany’s Christian Democratic Union, Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU) and Social Democrats (SPD) announced Wednesday that they have reached a deal to form a new grand coalition government.

A third installment of the grand coalition will be the most right-wing German government since the downfall of the Nazi regime. It will seek to launch a massive military build-up, initiate a new round of social attacks, adopt the refugee policy of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), and establish a police state to carry out domestic repression.

A careful review of the 177-page coalition agreement makes this clear. The empty promises from leading Social Democrats, such as the incessant claims by current SPD leader Martin Schulz and his designated successor Andrea Nahles that more money will be available for education, housing and social spending, merely serve to conceal the reactionary plans they have put down on paper and will now proceed to implement in practice.

In a preview of the policies to be pursued by the new government, the announcement came just one day after the IG Metall Union, closely associated with the SPD, shut down strike actions by hundreds of thousands of industrial workers by imposing an effective wage freeze and dramatically undermining working conditions.

The central focus of the coalition agreement is Germany’s return to a “great-power” foreign policy, which was announced by the previous grand coalition at the 2014 Munich Security Conference. The 20-page chapter on “Germany’s responsibility for peace, freedom and security around the world” is the longest in the entire agreement and must be read as a blueprint for a massive expansion of…

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