German army rehearses for civil war


German army rehearses for civil war

Gregor Link

2 May 2018

Between March 21 and 27, German army units, including an expanded tank brigade and a combat company, conducted civil war scenarios in the artificial town named “Schnöggersburg”.

The Schnöggersburg complex, north of the city of Magdeburg in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, consists of more than 500 buildings, 300 cabins, sports facilities, bridges, an industrial area, an old town with marketplace, a government district, a slum and a religious building. It also has an airfield, a sewage system, a two-lane highway and a subway extending 350 metres, the only one of its type in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. The World Socialist Web Site reported on the inauguration of the mega-complex last October.

On the grounds of the combat training centre (GÜZ), 560 soldiers practiced the storming of residential buildings, the demolition of barricades and an assault on the airfield and the tower. Together with their training officers, the troops carried out house-to-house fighting and street battles. A wide variety of weapons were used, including the Leopard 2 tank, which has been used and is feared in the Middle East, and the anti-barricade Pioneer tank, as well as a range of other armoured infantry combat vehicles.

The German army (Bundeswehr) assumes it will confront similar situations in the course of its imperialist interventions in Mali, Afghanistan and many other countries. The army stresses the importance it attaches to the routine and efficient implementation of such exercises. In a press release, Lieutenant Colonel Frank Dieter Lindstedt, departmental head of the German Army Development Office, explained the importance of the exercise: “This pilot exercise is enormously important in order to assess whether, or in…

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