George Takei Accused of Sexually Assaulting Former Model in 1981

Editor’s note: The rank hypocrisy of the Hollywood establishment has become obvious. George Takei is the latest personality to be accused of sexual assault in this ongoing moral implosion.  At best, Takei achieved B-list celebrity status while portraying Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, but managed to garner renewed attention by way of social media in 2011.  Takei’s smug, arrogant, and self-righteous moralizing, which has so often been directed at President Donald Trump, rings hollow amidst these most recent allegations. – Mundilfury.

Accuser Scott R. Brunton says he was groped by the ‘Star Trek’ icon at the actor’s Los Angeles condo.

A former model and actor is accusing Star Trek icon George Takei of sexual assault in 1981. The accuser, Scott R. Brunton, who was 23 at the time of the alleged incident, claims that Takei took advantage of him when he was most vulnerable.

“This happened a long time ago, but I have never forgotten it,” Brunton tells The Hollywood Reporter in an interview. “It is one of those stories you tell with a group of people when people are recounting bizarre instances in their lives, this always comes up. I have been telling it for years, but I am suddenly very nervous telling it.”

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