Generation Identity UK Co-Leader Fired from Job After Smear Campaign

Generation Identity (GI) UK co-leader Tom Dupré was fired from his banking position at the City of London firm Standard Chartered earlier this week following a campaign by far-left activist group HOPE not Hate (HnH).

Mr. Dupré, who has been co-leader of the UK branch of the Identitarian movement, was found in breach of Standard Chartered’s internal diversity policies following a number of articles in the mainstream media that cited a report from the far-left activist group, City A.M. reports.

The 23-year-old, who joined the Identitarian movement in December, told Breitbart London that he had initially been suspended and was waiting for a review of his case after HnH initially released a report on the UK Identitarian movement entitled “A New Threat.”

Following the initial report, Dupré said that HnH senior researcher Dr. Joe Mulhall had emailed and made at least one telephone call to Standard Chartered in order to get him fired for his anti-mass migration and anti-Islamisation political views, claiming that they were a violation of the company’s diversity policies.

Mulhall, who has previously tweeted out to Twitter accounts of the violent far-left extremist Antifa movement asking their “thoughts” on work he has produced for HnH, was also featured in a recent high-profile article about the Identitarians and Dupré published in The Sunday Times.

In the article, Mulhall claimed that GI was “much more extreme than people think and more extreme…

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