Further signs of looming US war with North Korea


Further signs of looming US war with North Korea

Peter Symonds

9 December 2017

In another indication of the advanced US preparations for war against North Korea, the Trump administration has suggested that US athletes might not participate in the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February for security reasons.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley told Fox News on Wednesday that the US team’s participation was “an open question.” While Haley denied she had heard anything concrete, she intimated that “conversations are happening daily” about the protection of US citizens, “whether it’s about Jerusalem or North Korea.”

Far from clarifying the issue, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that “no official decision has been made” about whether the US will compete in the Winter Olympics. She said a decision would not be made until later and would involve multiple agencies, “but I think ultimately the president would certainly weigh in.”

Minutes later, Sanders sought to downplay the issue, tweeting that “the US looks forward to participating in the Winter Olympics.” Of course, prior to Haley’s remarks, no one had suggested that the US would not compete, and Sanders’ tweet hardly answered the question raised definitely.

Taken by themselves, the comments could appear innocuous. However, amid the extreme tensions on the Korean Peninsula generated by the Trump administration’s reckless and provocative threats against North Korea, the remarks point to a hothouse in the White House as war is being discussed daily.

Trump has repeatedly declared that he will not allow North Korea to build a nuclear missile capable of reaching the continental United States. Pyongyang has now tested long-range ballistic missiles that could…

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