French Police Identify Knife-Wielding Killer in Suspected Paris Terror Attack

French investigators have identified the knifeman who killed one and wounded four others in a suspected terror attack in the heart of Paris. Judicial sources said the attacker, a French national, was born in Chechnya in 1997.

The same source said the man’s parents have been taken into custody for questioning.

An assailant shouting “Allahu akbar” was shot dead by police in central Paris late Saturday, minutes after he attacked people near the city’s main opera house a popular neighbourhood full of bars, restaurants and party-goers every weekend.

The suspect has not been named, but sources close to the inquiry say the Frenchman was on an anti-terror watchlist of suspected extremists, although he did not have a criminal record.

Witnesses described the scenes as Parisians realised another potential terror attack was underway in a country that has already seen over 245 people killed in just three years.

“I was taking orders and I saw a young woman trying to get into the restaurant,” Jonathan, a waiter at a Korean restaurant, told AFP. The woman was bleeding and the attacker appeared behind her. He said a young man tried to fend off the assailant who then fled.

“The attacker entered a shopping street, I saw him with a knife in his hand,” he said. “He looked crazy.”

Milan, 19, said he saw “several people in distress” including a woman with wounds to her neck and leg.

“Firemen were giving her first aid. I heard two, three shots and a policeman told me…

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