France in Flames, but World Cup Team Doing Great

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, 9 July 2018

Diversity is strength and immigration a blessing for the French Republic. Just look at the World Cup results. France’s heavily non-white team has been championed by Ed Aarons in the Guardian, Afshin Molavi in the Washington Post, and Antoinette Muller at the Daily Maverick as a multi-racial success. They’re hardly alone—the UK Independent called the polyglot Belgium/France matchup nothing less than a “celebration of immigration.” “Nativists” beware: If it weren’t for immigrant soccer players, neither France nor Belgium would have a chance in the World Cup.

This happy talk is in sad contrast with what’s happening back in the Republic. Last week, a French police officer in the western city of Nantes fatally shot one Aboubakar Fofana after a traffic stop. Initially, the officer said he fired to save the lives of others. However, under interrogation, he admitted his gun went off accidentally as he struggled with Fofana. The officer has been charged with manslaughter.

There were four days of riots. Even the New York Times called it a “familiar replay of grim media images . . . in France, where law enforcement tactics in immigrant neighborhoods are a regular source of friction.” According to the Times, the late Monsieur Aboubakar “had at least eight previous encounters with the police and . . . had an outstanding arrest warrant on a robbery charge.” Even if the officer made a mistake,…

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