Florida prosecutors cover up murder of Darren Rainey, inmate boiled alive


Florida prosecutors cover up murder of Darren Rainey, inmate boiled alive

Matthew Taylor

22 March 2017

The Miami Dade’s State Attorney’s Office issued a report Friday announcing that no charges would be brought in the horrific June 2012 death of inmate Darren Rainey at the Dade Correctional Institution.

The report is an attempt to conclude the nearly five-year cover-up of Rainey’s murder at the hands of correctional officers in the prisons Transitional Care Unit (TCU), a mental health ward within the prison.

On June 23rd, 2012 Rainey, a diagnosed schizophrenic, was taken from his cell by prison guards after allegedly defecating in his cell. He was taken to a specially rigged shower within the unit that allowed guards to control the temperature from the outside.

Inmates have reported that Rainey screamed and begged for his life as the guards turned the temperature of the water up to 180 degrees and left him in the shower for two hours. When they finally retrieved him he was found dead, face down in three inches of water.

A prison nurse told the Miami Herald that upon removing Rainey his skin was found to be “peeling” off of his body and that his body temperature was too high to be measured by a thermometer. Rainey had been boiled alive.

Of the four guards involved in Rainey’s murder, none were given disciplinary infractions. In fact, several officers involved in the killing were given promotions soon after the incident. The two guards who locked Rainey in the shower both moved on to other careers in law enforcement, with one becoming a Miami Gardens policeman and the other taking a job in the federal prison system.

State officials began to cover up the death immediately. Detectives questioned only prison staff and did not take any statements from inmate witnesses….

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